In all the years of working in online marketing / communications, Martijn has built up an impressive and creative portfolio of campaigns. Below you’ll find several examples of campaigns Martijn has worked on, either in one of his marketing jobs or as freelance specialist. An extensive and creative portfolio. Have fun browsing through these marketing campaigns.

eCommerce strategy: launching ecommerce website

To be successful in the world of ecommerce you need to have an ecommerce website that focusses on the customer. It is a must that he’s able to find the product or services he’s looking for easily and it should be super easy to purchase what he wants.

Together with an external agency Alientrick a new website was created for Dutch start-up Pure Energie that incorporated all current ecommerce best practices and must-haves. The result was a website that looked and worked extremely good on every device (desktop, tablet, mobile, and other touch devices) and did exactly what it was intended to do: to increase online sales.

eCommerce project: Pure Energie website

Welcome to the world of ecommerce (image: Alientrick)

Pre-roll videos / online video advertising

Online advertising in order to raise brand awareness for ‘Pure Energie’ (renewable energy) and to activate prospects into becoming customers.

TV advertising campaigns (brand awareness)

Conrad’s next step on the road to even higher brand awareness.

Conrad’s first steps on the road to increased brand awareness by using TV advertising: introducing the brand.

Social media content

As Craving Creativity I develop social media content for various well-known companies. Content that creates engagement between a brand and its fans, educates fans, or simply entertains fans on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Below you’ll find examples of the social media content I recently created for brands like NS International (travel), Belvilla (travel), FBTO (insurance), Mitsubishi Motors.

Rokjesdag! Misschien niet overal in het land, maar bij ons schijnt er een heerlijk zonnetje. Dat betekent dat de lente…

Posted by Reaal on Sunday, 3 April 2016

(image created by me, text of Facebook post was added by Mitsubishi).

See more social media creations on my Brandfighters profile (in Dutch).

Print advertising and advertorial

Radio advertising (activation)

Ads on popular radio stations in New Zealand to make young Kiwis aware of the possibilities for working and living overseas (OE = overseas experience).

IEP’s Canada Job Fair radio ad (2008)

IEP’s Work Britain radio ad (2008)

IEP’s Work USA radio ad (2008)


Print: brochures and flyers

For IEP (International Exchange Programs) printed brochures were a very succesful way of getting potential customers to go to the website. Pax got inspired by the brochures or flyers they got at events, info evenenings etc and could read detailed info at the IEP website.

Hospitality events (business to business)

Race event for customers of PQR (2006)

Trade shows and exhibitions

PQR at ‘Overheid & ICT’ in 2005 (ICT trade show with focus on government)

And Martijn’s portfolio continues…

The projects and campaigns mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to tell and show you about Martijn’s portfolio… However space is limited here. Want to know more? Feel free to contact Martijn for more information.