Craving Creativity, network for creative marketing

Craving Creativity - Martijn Bier

Meet Craving Creativity

Craving Creativity is the network for creative marketing. It’s the brainchild of me (Martijn Bier). It’s the name I use for all my projects as a contractor, ranging from side projects to full-time digital marketing assignments. See what Craving Creativity means and mostly the value it will add to your business.

Why Craving Creativity?

CRAVING [crav·ing] = a powerful desire for something.

CREATIVITY [cre·a·tiv·i·ty] = the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

Craving Creativity is the network for creative marketing. Effectiveness through creativity is our motto. Affordable marketing campaigns for every business is what we’re here to do. Together will squeeze more creativity in your marketing strategy.

Our vision

Does creative marketing sound double? Definitely not. We aim for the highest effect in the most creative way. Creative doesn’t mean it’s all arty-farty. Many parts of a strategy, campaign or solution can be creative. It’s simply a way of reminding you there are various roads that lead to Rome. We’re simply creative in our solutions because that means more success for you.

Effective and creative marketing for everyone

Craving Creativity operates location independent. Why be tied down to one location? We can work from everywhere for everyone, no matter where you are located. We’re always ready for new marketing challenges.

Craving Creativity will create success for youYour marketing challenge determines the formation of our team. Sometimes just a digital marketing or eCommerce professional will do, but just as easy extra specialists are being added to the team.

Our only goal is reaching success for you. Craving Creativity is your custom-made marketing team.

Our knowledge and experience brings you success

The person behind Craving Creativity is Martijn Bier, a seasoned Marketing and eCommerce professional. His years of experience of working for organisations worldwide in various Digital Marketing and eCommerce roles brings a wealth of possibilities to your organisation.

Whether it’s about challenges in the field of:

  • Craving Creativity network for creative marketing

    Squeeze extra creativity in your marketing campaigns

    Online marketing strategy

  • eCommerce strategy
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Social media
  • Social commerce (reviews & ratings)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging / content creation
  • Publicity / PR
  • Seach Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Increasing online sales (conversion)

It’s all means to an end. Craving Creativity always focusses on the goal (your success) and combines the right channels to make it happen. Always at the lowest possible costs, within your budget. Who doesn’t like to save money?

How Craving Creativity works

As you can see, we operate in many different areas of digital marketing & eCommerce. It all starts with the IDEA, the basis of our creative success.

IDEA for successful marketing campaigns

  • I [Introduction]: Clear analysis and overview of the desired outcome, budget, and constraints. It’s basically the framework we’re going to operate in.
  • D [Daring goals]: All eyes are set on the goals of the project and how we’re going to measure it. We’re ready to create magic for you.
  • E [Evolution]: Within the framework we’re going to create the campaign and everything that will create the success. Our theory comes to live at this stage.
  • A [Approval]: As soon as you’ve approved our plans it’s time to put them into practice and see the results. All measured and analysed according to the KPIs we have set at the beginning.

Successes from the past are your guarantee for the future

Martijn Bier - digital marketer in New ZealandAs digital marketing brains behind Craving Creativity, I have been responsible for many successful projects. Projects done for organisations around the world, for example in the area of consumer electronics, renewable energy, travel & tourism and Information & Communication Technology. Also, projects that have lead to successful niche e-Commerce sites.

Experience that comes together in Craving Creativity. Experience that is ready to give your marketing campaigns a necessary boost or that will help you launch more successful projects. Are you craving creativity? Then get in touch with with me.