How can a contractor help me grow my business?

Top 5 advantages of hiring a contractor [infographic]

Top 5 advantages of hiring a contractor [infographic]

Your organisation is doing great. Products are being sold. People visit the website. Your marketing team is working hard and are delivering great results...

Have you ever asked yourself the question: can we do better, can we change or improve on something, can we have more satisfied customers?

As a contractor, it's my experience that there is always room for improvement. Let me show you how.

Don't get me wrong... It isn't because your team isn't performing well or something like that. Not at all. It's just that as your marketing team is so busy doing their day-to-day tasks, they sometimes don't see there are ways to improve – sometimes – small things that lead to great, positive changes. Changes that will grow your business even more.

A contractor is like having extra staff on call (see definition). As digital marketing and eCommerce contractor, I can come in and add value to your business whenever it is needed. Why? Well, have a look at the 4 situations below and see if they're also happing in your organisation.

The eyes of a contractor see things differently

Another pair of eyes is always good if you want to improve things. Staff working in a marketing team for a considerable amount of time can develop myopia. Often in organisations, things are done a certain way because everyone has been doing it in that way. When someone new comes along, for instance, a contractor, questions are being asked. Questions like “why are you doing it in this or that way?” or “why is that email newsletter send out to this group?”

All of a sudden your marketing team has to think about why they are doing things that way. A contractor is perfect for doing a kind of roadworthiness of your marketing team. Just by doing such a test your team will become more aware that sometimes things need to be changed in order to reach a better result.

Experience in multiple businesses

A contractor has worked in many different kitchens on a variety of recipes. He has worked for all kinds of organisations and in all sorts of businesses. His backpack is packed with amazing facts about tactics that have worked in certain organisations. Tactics that also could work for your customers. A contractor brings new opportunities to your organisation.

Opportunities in new marketing or sales channels, other social media platforms, new ways to advertise online etc. New things that can be introduced in your organisation to bring more success. Tactics that you probably haven't thought about yet. A contractor has crazy ideas... Well, that is your initial thought... But these innovative ideas always come from his vast experience. Experiences consisting of successful campaigns he created during previous projects.

Up to date knowledge of best practises

They say knowledge is power. Well, in the case of a contractor it's his livelihood. He factors in time between assignments and after work during assignments to update his knowledge. Reading marketing and eCommerce blogs, discussing with fellow professionals, or by writing and publishing blog posts. He's always working on updating and upgrading his knowledge.

Of course, your marketing team can also do these things and read all those articles. But chances are they're always super busy doing their daily tasks in order to reach their KPIs. Updating their knowledge is usually something that will come later (and thus often forgotten).

Extra pair of hands

Is your business seasonal? Are you working towards an important product launch? Or is someone going on maternity leave? All situations a contractor can help you out with. He's flexible in his tasks, so you can basically create a custom-made role for him. Have the contractor check if everything's going well online. Or have him fill in for someone.

The great thing about hiring a contractor is that after the first successful project he's completely in tune with your business and your overall KPIs. Next time things get hectic or extra help is needed, he's just around the corner. A contractor is always eager to step in the ring of a great brand again for another round of marketing challenges.

What can this marketing contractor do for you?

Have a look at the companies I worked at before or the projects and campaigns I've successfully completed. All these are great examples of areas in digital marketing & eCommerce I can help out with. You deserve better results from digital marketing campaigns and you definitely need to get more sales from your eCommerce strategy.

What would you like to improve?

Your brand deserves more. Make sure you're getting the most from your investment in eCommerce and efforts put into digital campaigns.