Creating with words is one of the things I like to do.. No it’s one of my passions. Writing about things I love, blogging in order to share knowledge, that’s what I like to do. At the moment I do blog a fair amount, especially about travel, travelling, gadgets, and technology.

Some of the blogpost I create are related to my current job or project I’m working on, but I also blog whenever I want to get a certain point or theory across. Oh and you can even hire me to write a blog post for your blog, invite me to submit a guest post, or what not.

Of course each text is written for a specific audience but with our friends Google and other search engines in the back of my mind. But each text is always written for the human reader.

Want to know where to find my blog posts? Well here’s my blogging trail:

123NZ (travel blog): blogging about New Zealand

To inspire European people in going on a working holiday to New Zealand is why I started 123NZ. At first it started out just for travellers from the Netherlands and Belgium, but at the moment we’re rolling out the concept across Europe. As I consider myself to be a Kiwi, it’s obvious that I blog a lot on the 123NZ travel blog. You can read my blog posts here (all posts are written in Dutch) or browse through my blog posts in English on the New Zealand travel website aimed at travellers from all over Europe.

DIYOE (travel blog): blogging about Europe

Another project of mine. However this travel website focuses on travellers from New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and more that want to travel to Europe to have some fun there. DIYOE started out as independent specialist on working holidays for New Zealanders, but it recently transformed into a travel blog for any kind of traveller wanting to explore Europe.

This transformation resulted in a more personal approach, identifying individual bloggers, and providing a way for fellow travellers to share their travel stories, photos, and videos. The following blog posts were written by me (all in English of course). Have fun reading.

Mancave (geek / technology blog): Martijn’s geeky side is Europe’s biggest webshop in electronics and gadgets. Its blog is called Mancave and focusses on men that want to do more with electronics than just opening the box and installing the stuff. Mancave is the source for doing different things with electronics: how to tweak, break, update, or transform them. In orther words, how o have more fun with electronics and gadgets. The Mancave team does a hell of a job and every once in a while I help out by submitting blog posts on topics that I’m excited about. Have a look at these blog posts (all my blog posts on Mancave are written in Dutch).

Martijn on Medium

Recently I started (re)blogging on Medium. Nothing special yet, just the first steps on a new platform. Time will tell where it’ll be going to… For now it’s there and it’s interesting. Have a look at the stuff I posted on Medium.

More bloging?

There’s heaps more… On various blogs around the world, my older stuff can be found. Blog posts about marketing or music for example. Blogspot is such a platform. My early craving creativity blog posts can be found there. For me that platform is collecting dust now, as all my blog posts are being posted on other platforms (see above). And all blog posts about online marketing, social media, and social commerce can be found on my blog on this site.