Top 10 most annoying people at work

A survey among 1,000 Kiwis reveals the top 10 most annoying people at work. Have a look at the infographic below and see what irritates Kiwi workers most. Recognise your colleagues? Or maybe yourself?

The top 10 most annoying people at work

The 1,000 Kiwis surveyed were asked what the most annoying types of people at work are and which of the types best describes themselves.

  1. Dominator – someone who talks over others (36%)
  2. Untidy One – someone who leaves their desk or common areas untidy (26%)
  3. Megaphone – a loud talker who has exaggerated conversations (25%)
  4. Lingerer – someone who lingers to talk, even though you have work to do (25%)
  5. Intruder – someone who butts into conversations (23%)
  6. Sniffer – person who constantly sniffs (21%)
  7. Borrower – someone who borrows stuff without asking (20%)
  8. Black Hole – someone who doesn’t respond to emails (18%)
  9. Noisy Eater – person who chews loudly while eating at his or her desk (16%)
  10. Wanderer – someone who wanders around aimlessly (14%)

Are you in this infographic?

One of the things this top 10 most annoying people at work shows is that many people aren’t aware of their annoying behaviour. That is, their annoying behaviour to others. Let’s be honest we all have these little quirky things that could be annoying to others.

So yes, I did recognise myself in this infographic. I can definitely be described as a ‘pen clicker’ (or clicker with anything else that makes a sound). But I can also be quick in answering questions that aren’t directed at me. Call me eager.