How to boost your online marketing with the right expert

Is your company looking for more focus on online or want to improve its online marketing campaigns? Then this is the perfect blog post for you. It will help you in choosing between hiring creative online marketing experts and outsourcing your marketing campaigns to a digital marketing agency.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a digital marketing agency. Not at all. You just need to make sure you have an online marketing expert in-house to coordinate the outsourced online marketing strategy. But first things first… Let’s have a look at a unique opportunity to add extra creativity to your marketing department. Creativity that will boost your online campaigns or will help your brand to take the first steps in the exciting world of online marketing.

Choosing between various online marketing experts

There’s always more than one solution to a problem (one of my mottoes). No matter when or where you start searching for online marketing experts, you’ll always come across more than one. Also when digital marketing experts start searching for a job in Seek they have hundreds of options.

You’re definitely not the only one looking for online marketing experts. But you do have an enormous advantage by reading this blog post. The matter of the fact is that this blog post is written by a seasoned online marketer who is about to move back to New Zealand.

Available for online marketing challenges in New Zealand

Keynote presentation social commerce by Martijn Bier

Keynote presentation about social commerce

Hi, my name is Martijn (pronounced as Martin) and I’m available for online marketing challenges in New Zealand. After working in the Netherlands as Marketing Communications Manager in online retail (electronics and gadgets) and as Senior Online Marketer / Brand & Communications Manager in online retail (renewable energy) I’ll be moving back to New Zealand in January 2016.

As you’ll see in my work experience I’ve worked as Marketing Manager in the travel industry in New Zealand, so I’m no stranger to the New Zealand work environment, culture, and consumer market.

Improving your online marketing presence

What is it you would like your online marketing experts to do? Well, let’s begin to name a few areas of my expertise that can definitely help out your brand. Or at least be the start of a great conversation about (online) marketing strategies in real life.

Social media / webcare

Is your brand already active on social media? Which channels and why did you choose them? Are the objectives of your social media strategy realistic (it isn’t a sales channel you know)? How do you interact with fans and potential customers? Do you monitor conversations on channels or forums that you’re not yet active on? Do you have a social media content calendar or scenarios to prevent online damage to your brand name?

If you couldn’t answer some of these questions, no worries. Let’s talk about it over coffee and see what I can add to your social media strategy.

Social commerce

Infographic Bazaarvoice : The new customer journey

Infographic: The new customer journey

Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers told you what they think of your products or services? Are you afraid that a customer review system will only attract complaining customers? It all depends on how you set it up. By crafting a proper social commerce strategy (the fancy words for ratings and reviews) you’ll notice that customers love giving you feedback. Positive feedback as your company does a great job in satisfying customer demand.

Of course, negative reviews still happen (nobody’s perfect) but with a proper review strategy, you’ll be able to deal with these. You’ll be able to even turn the concessional complainer into a positive customer.

Still don’t believe in the power of customer feedback? “up to 44% of Millennials unwilling to do business with you unless you have reviews” (source: Bazaarvoice).

Sounds good? Let’s talk about what my social commerce skills can do for your brand.

Improving your website: turn visitors into buyers

At least half the visitors on your website visit it by using a touch device (either a mobile phone or tablet). Check your Google Analytics statistics and you’ll see it’s true. Is it easy for people to visit your website on their mobile? What about visitors and conversion into customers?

Recently I was responsible for project ‘website 2.0’ for a start-up in renewable energy in the Netherlands. The same that I’ve done for a business-to-business ICT supplier. Online marketing starts with a website that works for your visitors. It’s not about whether it looks cool, it’s all about it doing an awesome job in what it’s supposed to do: selling goods online vs being an online brochure vs inspiring customer to buy a product offline etc.

No matter the goal of the website I can add value. As a passionate online marketer, I can’t sit still. I have created and launched several websites for my own projects. Also, I have worked on various projects creating and launching websites that convert visitors into customers. Then the real marketing fun will start with running online marketing campaigns to attract more potential customers.

Me in a nutshell as your online marketing expert

First and foremost, this blog post is just the tip of the iceberg. Have a good look at my full set of skills and the experience I bring as an online marketing expert to New Zealand. Then let’s have coffee and chat about what your company or brand really needs. Let’s match those needs with my skills to see if there’s a spark. A spark that will ignite a creative fire where I as a contractor or in a more permanent role will improve or create your eCommerce strategy or online marketing campaigns.

And if there isn’t a match then no hard feelings. Although I can’t imagine there won’t be a match between your brand and me. What do you have to lose? Simply contact me by email, Twitter or LinkedIn to get the ball rolling.

This could be the start of extremely creative and highly successful (online) marketing campaigns. Have a look at some of the marketing campaigns I’ve done so far.

And yes, I’m a permanent resident of New Zealand so I’m eligible to start as your new online marketing expert. Or maybe you prefer to work on a project or freelance basis. It’s all possible as I’m as flexible as my marketing skills. Hope to talk to you soon.